The owners of a Scottish micropub have launched the liquor that no-one asked for: Haggis gin.

Debbie Rutherford, 52, and husband Simon, 51, have been making their own gin in October 2017 and have a bit of a rep in concocting odd flavours, like parma violets and rose petals.

Which sounds OK, right? Yeah, until you learn that parma violets are like Vegemite.

Then the harebrained idea of a haggis came out of someone’s mouth and they thought it would be a pretty good April Fool’s joke.

The first few incarnations were apparently terrible. I mean, we’re talking sheep-or-calf-organs-boiled-with-suet-and-oatmeal-stuffed-in-a-sheep-stomach flavour.


But after messing around with the spices (there was way too much stomach flavour nutmeg in the first few batches), the couple finally got it right.

“It’s more like spiced gin,” Debbie said. “It’s actually really nice with Irn Bru.”

She suggested mixing gin with Irn Bru, rather than tonic, although it apparently “works well” with tonic too.

“We’re happy with the flavour.”