After the launch of Grill’d delicious Healthy Fried Chicken (HFC) burgers, the franchise has also done us a huge favour and revealed the recipe for the HFC Classic Burger.

Firstly, because they love us and secondly because they want to prove that there are no secret ingredients or naughty things added when they’re made.

They’ve decided to give customers a full breakdown of the ingredients because they reckon they have nothing to hide.

Simon Crowe, Grill’d Founder, says: “Some recipes are kept secret for a reason, but not ours. We took the path less travelled and did things the right way. We could have taken shortcuts and fried our chicken in Canola oil like the Colonel, but instead, we choose to use Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is packed with nutrients and natural antioxidants. It’d be easier to use reconstituted chicken but we prefer to use 100% Natural RSPCA Approved Chicken Breast. The easy way to make our chicken taste better would be to use MSG, like KFC’s Secret Recipe, but instead, we use nothing but delicious, natural ingredients that our guests can feel good about.”

You can check out the recipe yourself below and give it a crack!

Let us know how your own Grill’d burgers turn out!

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