Have you tried Healthy Fried Chicken (HFC) from Grill’d yet?

The new burger range is 100% natural, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and cooked entirely in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

You can also get your whole burger gluten-free-ified with the low-carb or gluten-free buns.

So what’s on offer?

The HFC Classic ($14.50 dine-in)  includes Healthy Fried Chicken with dill pickles, cos lettuce and egg mayo.

The HFC BLAT ($15.90 dine-in) includes Healthy Fried Chicken with crispy bacon, avocado, cos lettuce, tomato and herbed mayo.

The HFC Smokey ($15.90 dine-in) includes Healthy Fried Chicken with dill pickles, slaw, Spanish onion and chipotle mayo.


The HFC Hot ($15.90 dine-in) includes Healthy Fried Chicken with Grill’d Hawthorn hot sauce, jalapenos, slaw, shredded carrot, Spanish onion and egg mayo.

Grill’d boasts that acccording to independent lab tests by Food & Nutrition Australia and publicly available nutritional information, per 100g; HFC Classic contains 36% less sugar

than McDonald’s McChicken Burger!

Apparently, the HFC Classic contains 67% less sugar than KFC Original Recipe Burger, the HFC Hot contains 57% less sugar and 25% less carbohydrates than KFC Zinger Burger, and HFC

BLAT contains 48% less sugar and 26% less saturated fat than a McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Deluxe!

The best news? The burger range will be available across all restaurants around the country!