Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay has followed up on his promise last year about giving “this vegan thing a try” after first adding a vegan pizza to the menu at his London restaurant Bread Street Kitchen, he has now included a plant-based Sunday roast for his vegan customers.

The roast includes a vegetable-stuffed Wellington served with  steamed veggies, braised carrots, roast potatoes and gravy.

Announcing the new addition to the menu on social media, Ramsay said: “It’s happened. The vegan roast has landed at [Bread Street Kitchen].”

Ramsay launched a vegan menu at his restaurant earlier this year as part of Veganuary, and his Bread Street Kitchen blog recently discussed the rise of the vegan roast saying that while traditional Sunday roasts are a social occasion that brings people together, it ‘just won’t cut it for the veggies and vegans out there’ thanks to its reliance on animal products.

“Last year the UK overtook the leader, Germany, in the amount of new vegan products that were released,” says the chef in the post.


“Plant-based diets are trending, and dairy free milks are offered in any coffee shop worth its salt.” 

“Between 2014-2018 the number of UK vegans quadrupled, and the sign ups for 2019’s Veganuary doubled from last year. Veganuary was something that our guests celebrated, and Gordon’s famous Beet Wellington took off at Bread Street Kitchen and remains on the restaurant’s dedicated vegan menu.” 

“If the roast is going to survive, it needs to evolve to meet the expectations, and diets, of our generation. Hence, the rise of the vegan and vegetarian roast.”


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