In amazing news for all our plant-based friends, Beyond are bringing their vegan-friendly ‘meat’ balls to Australia.

Now, vegos and vegans in Australia can actually do something about that spaghetti and meatball craving we all get from time to time.

Beyond Meatballs are described as having a juicy, meaty taste and texture, coming pre-seasoned with a blend of Italian spices.

And you know what, we’re usually pretty suspicious of the whole fake meat thing, but Beyond seem to nail their meat alternatives.

You’ve heard of Beyond Meat right? They’re the company behind a range of non-meat meats that are almost alarmingly close to the real thing.

According to a food industry report, demand for plant-based meat in Australia has doubled over the past year alone.

But just because you’re choosing a plant-based diet, doesn’t mean that you don’t crave these absolute comfort foods every now and then, right?


You can pick up packets of Beyond Meatballs at Coles stores around the country now for $15 for a pack of 12.

Maybe you’ll discover that you secretly hate the real thing all of a sudden!

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