In the biggest collaboration I personally, will ever see in my lifetime – Golden Gaytime and Coco Pops® are joining forces to create two incredibly exciting products!

In a ‘Freaky Friday’ type situation, they’re doing a little swapsies moment so we’re getting Golden Gaytime flavoured cereal and Coco Pops flavoured Golden Gaytime!

The Golden Gaytime cereal will provide a golden toffee-vanilla twist to your classic choc rice bubble fave and can only make your mornings infinitely better.

The Coco Pops flavoured Gaytime means we’re getting Coco Pops flavoured ice cream coated in Coco Pops flavoured biscuit crumbs!!!

The cereal is available from today and the ice cream is going to be dropping on the 1st of March from your supermarket’s freezers.

Following in its delicious footsteps into supermarkets from 01 March, a Coco Pops flavoured Golden Gaytime! With Coco Pops chocolatey cereal flavoured reduced fat ice cream, and topped with scrumptious Coco Pops flavoured biscuit crumbs, this is the ultimate flavour mash-up ever to hit freezers.

Commenting on the collaboration, Streets’ Brand Manager, Samantha Jarmul said, “We know it’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own, so we’ve paired together the crumbly-goodness of our Gaytime, with the iconic Coco Pops flavour, to create both a cereal and ice cream you can have on your own, with a mate, or with the whole gang!”

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