There’s no doubt that a gin and tonic washes down reaaaaally well.

Especially on a hot, summer’s day. Now, while this is great in terms of quenching our thirst, it also means that our drink seems to disappear far too quickly for our liking.

So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that one new waterfront bar in here in Sydney has introduced a worthy size for our fav cocktail… A Gin BOWL!

And they’ll only set you back TEN FREAKING DOLLARS!!

Talk about a bargain! The $10 spritz and gin bowls are available at the brand new Sake Restaurant and Bar in Manly every Monday and Wednesday as part of their Sundowner Sessions.

The gin filled god-sends are a concoction set to fulfil all of your botanical dreams as they’re filled with Brookie’s gin, juniper berry, lemon myrtle and blood lim Fevertree Mediterranean tonic.

If you feel like chowing down on a delicious meal while you’re at it, Sake also has plenty of treats available on their menu, mainly boasting things like nigiri, sashimi and sushi rolls all made fresh to order.


The gin bowls are available at Sake Manly between 5pm and 6pm each Monday to Wednesday!

We know where we’ll be tonight…

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