Normally, winter calls for HOT chocolates… but not at the dessert maniacs at Gelatissimo’s gelato factory.

For them, it’s ice cream season all year round but they’ve met us halfway this year.

While the gelato might be cold, the rich and warm flavours being used for their winter scoops this year have me melting to my core.

Using real melted Lindt chocolate, Gelatissmo’s two winter scoops are irresistibly indulgent.

The Choc Caramel Fudge made with Lindt uses molten Lindt chocolate, rippled though with smooth caramel fudge sauce to make the classic chocolate caramel combo but… luxe.

Secondly, the Dark Chocolate Pistachio made with Lindt takes us down the molten Lindt chocolate river once again rippled with a smooth pistachio cream made with 100% natural dry roasted pistachio paste.


These two flavours have been available since mid-June and will only be sold for a limited time only, whilst stocks last!