Okay, hold up for a second. Look at these doughnuts.

Excellent. Now that you’re drooling, I come bearing excellent news. Tomorrow is World Doughnut Day. Best of all, to celebrate, Krispy Kreme is giving away 100,000 of their classic, signature glazed doughnuts. Free.


Once again I’m incredibly glad we have another day among the illustrious list of Calendar-Days-That-We-Don’t-Need-But-Really-Enjoy-Please-Don’t-Get-Rid-Of-Them. World Doughnut Day celebrates everything about the classic fried dough rings that you love, and Krispy Kreme is here to provide all the OG, Glazed Doughnut experience you (definitely) need.


Krispy Kreme will be churning out around 2000 doughnuts every hour for the event, and those will be in stock all around the country.

The giveaway won’t be available at service stations, so be sure to find out where your local store is so you can satiate those cravings.

Doughnut Day originated in the 1930s, as a charity event, and you can look forward to it on the first Friday of every June. In case you needed more Doughnut facts, did you know that the ring we know today as the Doughnut is not actually the original “Dough Nut”?


The good news is that the change means you now get more dough-per-nut, which is all I could really ask for.

But don’t let these facts distract you from the big fact; Free Original Glazed Doughnuts on Friday at Krispy Kreme stores.

Enjoy your doughnuts!

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