They’re your best friend and, now, your best drinking bud.

Some genius has come up with a beer for dogs, called Good Boy.

It didn’t start as a beer, but as an idea to help with their dog’s tummy troubles.

The pair behind it, Megan and Steve Long, started brewing liquids for Rocky, who had a bunch of food allergies and sensitivities.

“We needed to give him the vitamins and proteins that he still needed in a liquid form,” Megan said on a video on their website.

The homemade liquid treats then turned into a ‘beer’.


The beer is non-alcoholic and comes in four flavours which are chicken-based, pork-based, veggie-based, and peanut-based … and the names are cute AF:

Mailman Malt Licker

IPA Lot In The Yard

Crotch Sniffin’ Ale

Session Squirrel


Check them out online here.

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