With large swathes of the country in lockdown, we’re not sure that this is the wisest time to be launching alcohol-free booze.

We’re not condoning the use of alcohol to get you through these COVID times, but according to LOTS of people stuck at home, it definitely helps!

But just in case you’ve decided, for whatever reason, that the booze is not for you, then this will absolutely be of interest.

Gordon’s (famous gin makers) have launched Gordon’s 0.0%, their first no-alcohol spirit.

The gin reportedly has flavours of juniper, coriander, citrus, and slightly woody notes with a lingering warmth.

And, just to make it feel all the more familiar, it rounds out with the impression of alcohol.

You can grab a 700ml bottle of Gordon’s 0.0% for $34.99 in bottle shops around the country.

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