We’re not exactly sure how this flew under our radar, but the good people at Thins have just gone and launched a sausage sizzle-flavoured chip and our Australian hearts are warmed just thinking about them.

The limited edition chips have been spotted in Woolies stores, with people sharing the hot find on their social media accounts.

And frankly, we’re not too sure why this flavour wasn’t already a thing.

How much do you CRAVE a sausage sizzle the moment you pull up to Bunnings and smell that wafting combo of slightly burnt sausages, onions and tomato sauce.

We’re not sure exactly how well they have done in capturing that flavour, and we know that chip companies often take a few liberties with how they represent certain tastes.


Like…what exactly is Light & Tangy, anyway?

But we are definitely intrigued by this development and cannot wait to give them a red hot go.

If you’re keen to try these and report back, you can grab a 150g packet at Woolies right now for $2.50. Please let us know if Thins have been able to capture the true flavours of Bunnings and democracy in the new chip!

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