The humble Cornetto ice cream has just got a seriously magical makeover here in Australia!

And trust us, you’re not only going to want to eat it but you’re going to want to Instagram the heck out of it too!

Introducing the UniCornetto – a Cornetto ice cream cone inspired by the enchanting and mythical creature, the unicorn!

Launching in Australia today, the ice cream not only has the same delicious taste as their original varieties, but it looks quite magical in it’s pastel pink, purple and blue colours.

And we’re not just talking about the ice cream! The actual cone itself is PINK! Oh, and did we mention that the whole thing is actually cotton candy and marshmallow flavoured?


To top it all off, the UniCornetto is coated in a strawberry sauce and topped with multi-coloured crispy chocolate balls.

So basically it’s a sweet-tooths dream all wrapped up in a delicious ice cream!

The UniCornetto hits the freezer aisle in your local petrol stations and conveneicne stores today, setting you back just $4.00 per serving of Unicorn goodness.

What a way to make dessert even more magical!

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