Weeks ago, it was almost impossible to get your hands on basic meat. I mean, who knew that mince would be so popular major supermarkets would need to put a purchase limit on it?

Luckily, everyone has calmed down from the initial panic and everyday items we need are back at last.

As it turns out, everyone is a little too calm. Coles & Woolworths have an oversupply in meat in some stores and they are slashing prices to smithereens!

Photos of the discounts at Coles have appeared on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group, with mince at going for as little as 99 cents and sausages being sold for $1.13.

“Heaps of cheap meats like crazy prices I’ve never seen before Like really they literally started at $1,” one shopper said.

Another Facebook user said they were able to score 1kg packets of mince for $4.20 at their local Woolworths.

A Coles spokesperson told news.com.au, “We saw demand for meat increase astronomically in March as customers started to self-isolate and cook at home more often.


“As demand begins to normalise some stores have extra stock to clear, some have a lot and some have a little.”

It seems like it’ll take a little while to balance. In the meantime, go and snap up the bargains!

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