Cole shave announced they will be making a major change to their in-store aisles.

The supermarket giant has said they will no longer stocking health pantry aisles in a ‘health food aisle’ and will stead store them in their category location.

The first part of the rollout will see health cereals be stored in well.. the cereal aisle.

A Coles spokesperson said “With 97 per cent of Coles customers shopping in the breakfast aisle every week, the tailored layout will help make dietary options such as gluten-free cereals more accessible and easier for customers to find in one destination, including a new ‘Gluten Free Cereal’ section – previously only found in the health food aisle.’

Coles will also add 55 new products to the breakfast range including 11 high fibre and vitamin-rich ‘Goodness Bowl’ cereals and low sugar mueslis from Uncle Toby’s.

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