We are not sure what in God’s name is going on here, but Coles have just thrown up a curveball with one of their staple products.

You know those delicious fried, triangular, Indian parcels of goodness? What would you call them?

If you answered Samosa, you would be right…along with around 99 per cent of the rest of the country.

However, it seems that at least one person coming up with the names of products at Coles have decided that Samosa is not the name.

Instead of the sensible, obvious Samosa, Coles have gone and decided to name this an Indian Style Triangle and uh…what?

The product was spotted by Facebook user Om Mandavia and posted into a group with the caption “Seriously Australia!?”

It does look like the distinction between a traditional Samosa and an Indian Style Triangle is that the latter is vego. But it does raise the question: “Why not just call them vegetable Samosas, like everyone else?”


If you’re interested, you can pick up a 140g packet of *ahem* Indian Style Triangles from Coles for $5.00.

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