A shopper has told Coles to ‘get in the sea’ after posting a range of ‘sexist’ snack bars.

The photo, posted to Facebook by customer Cara, showed two chocolate bars: ‘The Man Bar’ hyped as ‘A Healthy Man-Sized Snack’ and ‘The Lady Bar’ labelled ‘A Guilt Free Snack’.

“Genuinely taken aback by the totally tone deaf marketing of these bars (stocked by Coles),” her caption read.

“‘The Man Bar’ is a ‘man sized snack’ (whatever that means cause as far as I’m aware men come in various shapes, sizes and appetites), and the ‘Lady Bar’ is a ‘guilt free snack’ because obviously we should all be racked with guilt every time we raise a morsel of nutrition to our lips lest it spend a lifetime on our hips. Get in the sea.”

The comments have rallied Cara’s sentiments, albeit with a thick lashing of sarcasm.

“I wonder what will happen to us if we dare to eat the man one? JK – we probs can’t even open it with our weak, guilt-ridden lady hands.”


“I wish they did this with all food packaging. I’m constantly confused about what foods my gender is allowed to eat. This is very helpful.”

“I hope the lady bars come in tiny bite size pieces for my delicate little lady mouth. This way I won’t crunch too loudly and a man will marry me one day.”

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