Bubble tea kits kind of exploded on the internet over lockdown when everyone was staying at home and trying new stuff every day (let’s try not to lose that spirit now that lockdown is over guys!)

Now Chatime the bubble tea GIANTS have dropped their own line of bubble tea kits!

You can get four flavours and even a Chatime SHAKER to become the ultimate boba mixologist.

The flavours you can get your hands on include Peach Iced Tea, Mango Iced Tea, Oolong Milk Tea and Bubble Milk Tea.

What’s weird is that they all have different amounts in each box…

The Peach Iced Tea comes in a 6 pack, the Mango Iced Tea comes in 4 pack, the Bubble Milk Tea comes in a 7 pack and the Oolong Milk Tea comes in a 4 pack.

Looks like they’re coming to Woolies but you can’t buy them online yet.


Has anyone seen them in the aisles?

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