You may or may not recall the frenzy when Chargrill Charlie’s sold out of their lockdown cookie dough tubs within a few days last year.

Well, it’s happening again but they’ve taken it to the next level.

Charlie’s are teaming up with the Punk Princess of Pastry, Anna Polyviou again to release two insanely delicious limited-edition cookie dough tubs for the people.

Another year, another lockdown, another reason to bake some gourmet cookies to eat away your feelings.

This year the collaboration is bringing us a mouth-watering original triple choc chip cookie dough, which has a delightful mix of white, milk and dark choc chips and let me tell you, from personal experience, they do NOT skimp out on the choc chips.

But even more exciting than that is the Biscoff tub, I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I say that Biscoff is to 2021 but Caramilk was to 2020.


It’s the flavour of the year and now we can get it in cookie dough form!

The Biscoff tub comes with a delicious mix of Biscoff spread into the cookie dough as well as some original Biscoff cookies that you can do what you will with.

These have been on sale since Friday (2nd July) across all 18 Chargrill Charlie’s stores in-store, online or through selected delivery partners, going for $15 a tub which will make you approx. 15 decent sized cookies!

Anna Polyviou, said, “I am very excited to partner with Chargrill Charlie’s again on this inspiring initiative. I love seeing everyone in the kitchen, cooking and growing a passion for baking during these hard times, and cookie dough is the perfect way to do so! If you’re a family who has children on school holidays, live with flatmates, a partner or on your own – these cookie dough kits are guaranteed to have you melting from the inside. I want family and friends to have fun during this time, and baking is the perfect way to spend time together at home”.

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