Chargrill Charlie’s is the pillar we’ll all be leaning on this Christmas because they’re releasing a ‘Festive Eats’ menu.

If you’ve planned one too many social gatherings at the house and can’t be bothered with all that cooking then Charlie can swoop in and take the load off your back.

 The Festive Eats menu will be available all holiday season and concludes the likes of;

Whole Roast Turkey, Turkey Carvery Roast, Traditional Smoked Leg Ham and Hot Smoked Side Salmon and ALL the extras…. I’m talking the good stuff… Cranberry sauce, Rice Prune & Apricot stuffing, Charlie’s famous stuffed chicken, chips and salads!

You can order online and pick up in store anytime from now until 24th December.


So put your feet up and relax because your guests will be well fed and the wines will be pouring!

Merry Christmas!