This week started with such good intentions. We had such lofty plans to cut down on all those treats, get rid of all that unnecessary sugar.

Well, that’s only gone and flown out the window within the first few hours of the week, hasn’t it?!?

Cadbury has totally dashed our plans by releasing a giant version of everybody’s favourite chocolate (don’t dispute it, you know it’s true).

The chocky manufacturer is now slinging 315 gram blocks of Caramilk, so you can gorge on that caramel white chocolate until you feel absolutely ill.

The block was spotted in a Woolies store by an eagle-eyed fan of the chocolate, who went on to share the image in the popular ‘Caramilk Addicts Club’ Facebook Group.

The post kicked off a lot of excitement amongst fellow Caramilk fans, although a few people were quick to point out just how dangerous this new development could be.

And we agree, it’s great news…but we just don’t trust ourselves with this much Caramilk in the cupboard.

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