If you had any plans of getting your summer body ready this winter then Cadbury has other plans for you, and they are much more appealing.

Creamy Hazelnut Crunch and Crispy Mint Creme will be the first two releases of the new series, closely followed by Coconut Rough Fruit & Nut, Hedgehog (available from Woolies from June), and Popcorn (Coles exclusive).

You bet we’ll be woofing into these this couch-and-movie season!


Here’s a more in-depth look at these beautiful new creations:

– CADBURY DAIRY MILK Popcorn – a sweet, salty and crunchy combination with a smooth and creamy milk chocolate, popcorn pieces and crunchy toasted corn kernels. The perfect combination for a movie night in.

– CADBURY DAIRY MILK Coconut Rough Fruit & Nut – a textural twist on an old Winter favourite, packed with toasted coconut, sultanas and hazelnut pieces.

– CADBURY DAIRY MILK Hedgehog – a CADBURY DAIRY MILK take on the classic Australian chocolate slice. A delicious combination of biscuit pieces, toasted coconut and almond pieces.

– CADBURY DAIRY MILK Indulge With Creamy Hazelnut Crunch and CADBURY DAIRY MILK Indulge With Crispy Mint Creme – a choice of either a creamy hazelnut creme with hazelnut pieces or a delicious milk chocolate with mint flavoured creme and bursts of crispy mint pearls.

This truly is the best thing since Cadbury marble and Caramilk… RIP.


We’ll take 20 of each, thanks!

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