It seems like the last twelve months have been the absolute best in history if you’re an Aussie chocoholic. 

Just recently, we’ve had an all-new Biscoff KitKat, Cadbury brought back Caramilk to universal love and we all found out that wrapping a Caramello Koala in puff pastry and chucking it in the air fryer was probably the most delicious dessert you can find.

And just when you thought that well of chocolate creations had run dry, we find out that the geniuses in the Cadbury chocolate factory have spending the past twelve months perfecting another addition to their range.

Cadbury are bringing back blocks of Breakaway in both Dairy Milk and Old Gold.

If you’ve never had Breakaway, it’s this delicious, airy combination of crispy wafer with a chocolate coating and we have no idea why it disappeared from shelves in the first place. It was the best.

A spokesperson for Cadbury told us that their chocolate makers have been putting in a lot of hours to capture the original Breakaway’s flavour and crunch.

If you want to get your hands on a block of Breakaway before everyone else, Cadbury are giving a whole bunch away via their website.


All you need to do is head to and ‘catch’ a block to get yourself one.

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