An Aussie burger joint has apparently been slapped with a cease-and-desist after a homage to Sizzler ran into some trademark drama.

One of the items on the menu at Burger Urge, which has outlets across Queensland and in regional NSW and Victoria, is called The Sizzler.

The burg is made up of fried chicken, bacon and aioli… but what Sizzler is upset about is the ‘bun’, which is two slices of cheese bread – the hallmark of Sizzler.

10/10 would eat.

“They’ve sent Burger Urge a cease and desist asking them to stop selling the burger,” Burger Urge spokesman Pete Kilroy told 9News.

“They’re going to have to change the name to ‘The Sizzle’ now.”

Mr Kilroy thought there were no more Sizzlers left in Australia. There are actually nine.


“We thought they all went broke in the early 2000s, long after the pumps in our Reeboks had stopped working,” Mr Kilroy said.

“Sizzler also has a problem with Burger Urge selling cheese bread which is interesting because the last time we checked Sizzler did not invent putting cheese on the bread.”

OK, perhaps they didn’t but Mr Kilroy is now lamenting the fact he must adjust the menus.

“Unfortunately, somebody is going to have to go through the 30,000 menus that have already been printed and actually cross out the ‘R’ to make it The Sizzle,” he said.

“It’s not a job I would want but someone’s going to have to do it.”

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