Customers who visit a rural Aussie bakery have been left annoyed after the owner put an ATM inside and then made a change to cash-only sales.

The bakery has not been named but if customers come in to pay with EFTPOS they are forced to pay a $2.50 transaction fee to withdraw money.

A photo was uploaded to Reddit by user Jigsaw153, with the caption “Local country bakery removes eftpos and goes ‘cash only’. Places private ATM in the corner, every transaction incurs a $2.50 fee.”

The post was quickly picked up by 14,000 users, with one saying “This looks like a business that doesn’t want business.”

“I refuse to spend money anywhere that is cash only. I never carry cash and won’t use an ATM so I can get a sausage roll and a coke,” another said.

The business has not commented.