We think we might have seen something online that we’re not supposed to know about yet.

Either that or it’s a cruel hoax.

But we’re going to go with the first option and say….

ARNOTTS and Dairy Farmers have teamed up to produce milk flavoured like Arnott’s biscuits.

We know this only from this photo that was posted on the Aussie As Facebook group on Friday morning.

The caption said the milks had been spotted at Nixon Street Store, a ‘one-stop shop’ in Davenport, Tasmania. OK, why would they have them first?!


The reaction has been intense with hundreds of comments and shares inside an hour.

But so far there have been no other sightings of the milk, and there are no references to the milk online at all.

Which probably means it hasn’t been announced yet.

So all we can see is there is Iced Vovo milk and Mint Slice milk.

We have no word on whether there’ll also be Tim Tam flavoured milk or Scotch Finger flavoured milk, or Vita-Weat flavoured milk (actually, no, forget that).

Hopefully Arnotts or Dairy Farmers get back to us soon and we can tell you more!