Devon cafe has two venues in Surry Hills and North Sydney and has made quite the name for itself for annually serving up the coolest and more creative truffle menu in town.

The Australian ‘truffle season’ goes from June to September alongside the cooler weather.

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, it’s best if you make a booking at the cafes before heading in. 

So let’s go through this menu, what exactly can you get and how has it been ‘truffli-fied.’ 

Both cafes serve a truffle infused chocolate latte or affogato if you want to stop by for a hot drink.

The ‘Truffle Egg Sando’ is what the people are raving about.


With a fluffy omelette, fresh truffle and something called a ‘cep emulsion’, you’ll have to ask the chef about that one- it looks delicious!

If you think Devon is gonna do fries the regular way then you’re in the wrong place.

They have Truffle Curly Fries dusted with salted egg yolk, drizzled with cheese and topped with fresh truffle.

We haven’t even arrived at the mains yet, the cafe is a Japanese/Western fusion cafe and it really shines in this part of the menu. 


There’s the choice of a packed mushroom, egg, cheese and truffle toastie or a Truffle Mie Goreng.

They also have a Truffle Lasagna or a Truffle Wagyu Omurice which, we’re not going to lie… looks divine.

There are two truffle dessert options too.

A decadent ‘Trufflle-Misu’ with layers of hazelnut praline, early grey, honey and truffle or an old school ‘Truffle Sundae’ if you’re done messing around with a strange menu!


Either way, every dish looks delicious and we need to get there stat!

The menu is only available until the end of August.

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