We’re now being told to stop throwing away our carrot tops and eat them instead.

I mean, that’s if your carrots even come with their green leafy stems.

Carrots usually get the top-and-tail treatment when being prepared for cooking or snacking – off comes the top and the little bit on the bottom, as well has getting a wash and maybe a peel.

But apparently if you do get your carrots with the green bits on the top, you don’t need to chuck them.

But what do they even taste like? A little bitter, apparently.

Lifehacker recommends we use them like herbs, finely cut up and used in sauces, soups, garnishes or adding them to pesto.

The Kitchn suggests sautéing them with some olive oil, garlic and other greens for a warm side dish.


Oh My Veggies reckons making chimichurri with them or add them to a zesty salad like tabouleh.

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