Diners booking tables may be asked to provide their bank details up front with restaurant owners claiming ‘no-shows’ are hurting their business.

Frustrated restaurant owners say they are sick of turning away walk up customers while they hold pre-booked tables for reserved guests who don’t show up and fail to call and cancel.

Dean Banks, who appeared on the British version of Masterchef has told The Scotsman he finds this a constant issue, most recently when 14 people failed to honour their reservations at his restaurant Haar.

He claims that one single booking was the equivalent of 30 per cent of the reservations held that night.

Mr Banks is now taking the lead from other restaurateurs who ask diners to provide debit or credit card details when making reservations, with charges for those who do not show up.

He told The Scotsman: “I can’t tell you how annoyed I was after Saturday. We lost out on what should have been more than £1,000 ($AU1839.00) of revenue, which is a major loss of money for any business.”

“We’re still trying to get off our feet and become a trusted brand that treats its staff well, but something like this has a domino effect.”


“We could have filled the place five times over on Saturday, but we had to turn people away,” Mr Banks explained.