A Queensland teenager has been gifted a $20,000 fund by Dorito’s just for discovering what she labelled “a puff Dorito”.

However, the golden corn chip was not part of a Willy Wonka-esque competition, instead the gift was a reward for the teen’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The 13-year-old shared a video to TikTok upon the discovery of the puffy corn chip, writing in a caption: “I found a puff Dorito! Is this valuable or should I just eat it tell me please”.

The video has since been viewed over 5 million times on the platform with thousands of people weighing in with their advice.

While some people suggested that she would be able to sell the corn chip for cash, others told her to just eat the damn thing because it’s a chip.

Which, we probably would have agreed with until we found out what happened next.

The creator posted the corn chip for sale on eBay and the bids soared to $20,000.

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At this point, you would mark this down as a bit of mucking about online, and the Puffy Dorito owner even described it as an experiment herself.

However, the listing caught the attention of someone with access to a chequebook at Doritos Australia, who decided to reward the teenager

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