Is there a more iconic Aussie lolly than Allen’s Frogs? If there is, we’re yet to meet it.

We reckon that you’re probably imagining ploughing into a bag of red frogs right now just because you’ve been reading about them.

They’re the go-to crowd pleaser. So Allen’s wouldn’t be so crazy to fiddle around with the recipe, right?

Wrong…well kind of.

Allen’s have announced that they will be making a brand new sour version of their Frogs for all those lolly fans who love to live on the edge!

The Allen’s Sourz Frogs Alive join the brand’s sour snakes and sour tangy randoms in their sour stables.

You can grab Allen’s Sourz Frogs Alive in Woolies supermarkets from Wednesday this week. And they’ll pop up in Coles and independent supermarkets around the country from March for just $2.95.