Time travelling exists! And it’s in the form of Allen’s new gummy range which is taking me back to the days I could buy multiple treats with just a few coins from the local store.

Remember that?

The lolly brand has released Allen’s Ice pops and Sorbet Cones lollies and not only are they adorable, but they look tasty as hell.

Taking only the best iceblock flavours that exist; Allen’s Ice Pops take Raspberry and Lemonade and made them into some tasty gummies.

Allen’s Sorbet Cones have the likes of Lychee, Berry and Lemon all in adorable little cone lollies.

As usual, Allens is made with no artificial flavours so you can enjoy them guilt-free!

Allen’s Ice Pops and Sorbet Cones will be available in Coles already!


Woolworths and Independent stores will be getting them from the 15th March and convenience stores from April and you can grab them for only $2.95.

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