An Aldi customer has revealed how she was left in tears by another shopper at the store’s checkout.

Sharing on a popular Facebook page, Melbourne mum Meghan said she had just finished paying for her groceries when she realised that a packet of nappies had not scanned by the ALDI worker.

When she then tried for her second transaction, her card delined, meaning she could not take the nappies home.

It was at the moment that another shopper offered to pay for the item, leaving her overwhelmed.

“I did a medium shop today without the kids and paid by card,” Meghan explained on the ALDI Mums Facebook page.

“The cashier didn’t see the nappies at the end of my shop and so scanned them through as a second transaction.

“My card, for whatever reason, was declined. I tried three times then said to the cashier, ‘No worries, I will have to come back another day.’


“The lady behind me suddenly said ‘I’ll pay for them! Here you go!’ I thanked her and then left.

“As I walked out the front door I burst into tears, I think for the surprise gesture and the fact that she wanted to make sure my child would have nappies when I got home.

“I will absolutely be paying this forward. People still care about others and a special few will go the extra mile!”


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