We’ve got to admit it, we’re in a bit of a love/hate relationship with cooking.

We love to get creative in the kitchen, but thinking about what to cook and going to all that effort at the end of the day after work can just feel like way too much work.

This is where meal kits are so damn handy!

If you haven’t had any experience with a meal kit before, they basically provide all of the raw ingredients that you need for your meal along with a recipe.

You still get to do the cooking, but don’t need to do any of the thinking.

Now, the good people at Aldi are slinging their own meal kits and they’re so cheap at less than four dollars for a meal.

Unlike other meal kit suppliers, you can pick these up at the supermarket instead of having to sign up to a subscription. Which means you can grab them as part of your usual shop.


The kits include all your veggies chopped and ready-to-go, however, you will still need to buy your protein and carbohydrates for your meal.

So you might still need to buy your noodles and your beef, but at least it lets you swap out that pork for chicken.

Each kit comes with a QR code that takes you straight to a recipe walkthrough.

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