If you’re as big of a fan of food as we are then a degustation is the perfect feast for you.

It’s literally an eight course meal that you’ll practically need to be rolled out of afterwards… Which is the only way to end a good meal if you ask us.

And we’ve just heard word that a degustation is on it’s way, dedicated to one of the greatest meals on this earth.

The humble schnitzel – or ‘schnitty’ as it’s more commonly known amongst us Aussies.

This cheeky take on high culinary is hosted by The Toxeth in Sydney this September and it’s set to see 8 courses of schnitzel variations for you to devour.


Need something to wash all that crumbed goodness down with? Each schnitty will be paired with the perfect craft beer from presenting partner Pirate Life Brewery.

And if we didn’t already have you convinced to save the date, they also have a DESSERT SCHNITZEL!

We’re talking chocolate mousse covered in Anzac crumbs and berries! We’re drooling already…

Check out the full Schnitzel degustation menu below:

  • Abalone Schnitzel with Seaweed and Radishes
  • Eggplant Schnitzel, Crushed Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese
  • Dory Schnitzel Salted Baby Capers, Fondant Potato and Lime Mayo
  • Turkey Schnitzel with Pickled Cabbage and Apple Sauce
  • Veal Schnitzel Mushroom and Sage Butter, Mash Potato
  • Wasabi and Sesame Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel with Steamed rice
  • Kangaroo Schnitzel, Bush Tomato Compote, Lemon Myrtle
  • Dessert Schnitzel Chocolate Mousse, Anzac Crumbs and Berries

It’s all going down at The Toxeth on Glebe Point Rd on Saturday September 14th at 1pm! Tickets can be purchased online for $50 for food only and $75 to get the matching beers.


See you there for a Schnitzel feast!

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