We all love abbreviations..

But Arnott’s Shapes have caused some frustration for their fans after their new range of Aussie Legends flavours named the popular chicken parmigiana.. a parma.

A debate over the name has been going on, on Facebook for a few days, with one person saying “Anyone calling it a Parma should remain in lockdown indefinitely.’

Another said “I’d try them if they spelt it correctly. Parmigiana aka Parmi.’’

An Arnott’s Spokesperson responded saying “We’ve heard the nation is divided on ‘Parmi’ vs. ‘Parma’, and who are we to take one side or the other? That’s why, if you grab a box and look closely, we’ve included both versions on either side of the box!”

“The Parmi/Parma debate may rage on forever, but our new Shapes flavour is one great taste that Aussies can unite over.”