A major change is coming to Coles & Woolworths supermarkets, to ensure that trolleys are no longer getting in the way at the self-serve checkouts.

Both supermarkets are taking the big step that will allow trolleys to slide in next to each check-out.

Coles is rolling out the change already, with 100 stores already receiving their ‘park your trolleys here’ stickers.

“Coles is making it easier for customers to use trolleys in our self-checkout area by lowering the basket shelf so our smaller trolleys can fit right over the top,” a spokeswoman said.


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“This saves space and means customers can quickly scan products from their trolley and place them directly into their bags.


“We’re pleased to say this is not a trial and will be the standard moving forward.”

Meanwhile, Woolies will start with 200 stores, saying “We know some customers prefer half-size trolleys over baskets for their shop, so in selected stores we are running a trial that allows the half-size trolleys to slide over the silver tray, freeing up more space in the checkout area.’’

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