What better way to cool down in Summer than with a deliciously cool glass of Frozé!

In case you don’t know what Frozé is, and if that’s the case then you’ve been incredibly deprived up until now, it’s rosé but frozen! Like a good ol’ alcoholic slurpee!

And this Summer, you’ll be able to help yourself to as much of the frozen stuff as you like with a bottomless, self-serve Frozé Bar opening up on Sydney’s Harbourside in the heart of Barangaroo!

Hosted by Untied, the bar is called ‘Frozé You Way’ and basically it allows guests to choose between six refreshingly fruity Frozé flavours that you can garnish yourself with nostalgic sweets and dried fruits from the DIY Garnish Wall.

There’s stuff like gummy bears, rainbow straps, sour gummy worms, fresh berries and dehydrated summer fruits, all available for you to create the frozen cocktail of your dreams.


The flavours include Strawberry Frozé, Peach Frizzling, Kiwi Melon Blanc, Watermelon Frozé, Passion Pineapple Blac and Fraperol. We know, we’re drooling already…

Each drink is priced at $12, or $7 during happy hour between 4-6pm daily, OR you can opt for the bottomless session for $39pp on Thursdays – Sundays.

What could be more perfect? Nothing we tell you!

The ‘Frozé Your Way’ bar is open at Untied in Baragaroo right now until 31st January 2020.

You know where you’ll be able to find us this Summer…