Greyhounds are the best dogs ever. Give them love and they’ll repay your kindness by becoming your best friend for life! 

If you’re looking for a canine that tops the charts when it comes to snuggling, then the greyhound is exactly what you’re looking for. Some even call them the perfect apartment dog!

Much like us, greyhounds have also been doing it tough during the pandemic, with adoption applications falling.

Despite a complicated world of restrictions and lockdowns, there should be no confusion around the simplicity of how to foster or adopt a greyhound in the pandemic climate.

In fact, Greyhounds As Pets (GAPNSW) a not-for-profit organisation that match greyhounds with loving owners, intends to speed up the process of finding new families for their resident dogs.

In response to the pandemic, GAPNSW will hold an Online Adoption Day on January 23 to increase the ease in which those interested can look at rehoming options.

Once again, people will be able to participate in this exciting event and meet their greyhound match online with an option for kennel pick up or special COVID-safe delivery of their new family member.



Last year, GAPNSW saw an amazing 1337 greyhounds rehomed. The organisation uses a well-practiced vetting process which aims for a perfect match and considers the greyhound’s personality and the owner’s lifestyle.

Online adoptions are on a foster-to-adopt basis, meaning if greyhounds or new owners find they are not suited for whatever reason GAPNSW will work with adopters to find a solution that makes dogs and humans happy.

Register on GAPNSW’s website or call 1800 696 377. Participants may also request to be matched with the available dogs listed here.

If you were looking for a sign to adopt a greyhound, then you’ve found it!