Just the thought of this makes shivers run up and down my spine, so I can’t even imagine how this one family felt when they came across this.

A Family in Wollongong in NSW found something they never expected to see in their bathroom sink… A massive diamond python!

We’re talking 1.5 metres of snake lying across this poor family’s bathroom sink and counter!

Apparently the family heard noises coming from their bathroom and when they went to investigate they came across our literal worst nightmare.

Honestly if we could manage to make it out of the room without fainting we’d be straight onto the real estate apps to find new home…

But instead this family called in a professional to help remove the snake, calling up professional snake catcher Glen Peacock for the job.

It’s likely that the snake had been living in the roof of the home and fell through an air vent into the bathroom.


Video posted to Illawarra Snake Catchers Facebook Page shows the moment Mr Peacock conducted the removal of the slithery reptile and even that’s enough to make us feel ill!

But maybe you’re not as freaked out by snakes as us so check it out here if you dare.

Diamond pythons might be non venomous snakes, but DANG you can’t control a snake phobia when you’ve got one and this bad boy makes us TERRIFIED!

Only in straya, amiright?!

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