A new survey of Australia’s eating habits has found many families sit down at the dinner table together but don’t eat the same meal as each other. 

Remember being a kid and having to sit at the table every night at the same time to eat dinner together as a family?

And back then, no one had an allergy or an intolerance and you had to just eat what was put in front of you? No? Me either.

Well in 2020, family meal time looks a whole lot different!

A survey by Workout Meals of over 1000 customer found 46 percent of families cooked a number of meals each night to cater for special dietary requirements or preferred tastes.

This is a sharp rise on a 2009 survey by Meat and Livestock Australia, of a similar sample size, that found most Australians were eating the same dinner as each other with only seven percent preparing additional meals.

“I’m not surprised by the results as people are time poor but have set goals around their health which may not be shared by the rest of the family,” said Tomi Jurlina, Co-Founder of Workout Meals.


He continues, “We have become a generation of foodies inspired by cooking shows like masterchef as well as rolling instagram food pics inspiring us to try new dishes. Decades ago we were eating simply because it was meal time but today meals are an experience – eating to savour new flavours and textures.”

Do you cook more than one meal per dinner sitting?

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