An emu has EATEN a woman’s $550 Tiffany & Co. earring after she leant in to snap a selfie with the bird. 

Mother-of-two Ashna Ali posed with ‘Bert’ the emu at Sydney Zoo in Sydney’s west when he snapped her ear.

“I sat down and as I finished clicking, he just grabbed it, grabbed my ear, I felt a peck,” she told A Current Affair.

Ali immediately reported the incident to zoo staff.

“We said look give us seven days, we’ll try and locate it,” said Sydney Zoo manager Chris Rivett.

“We’re hoping that sh*t happens!” Ali added.


“It’ll be a great poo if he does pull it out.”

Unfortunately, after sifting through Bert’s pool, the investigation to find the earring was unsuccessful.

“It will actually digest the earring, and that’s why it hasn’t turned up,” Rivett said.

“Rest assured the bird’s fine, in the wild they would eat rocks and all sorts of material.”


The zoo is paying for a replacement earring for Ali.

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