We don’t think we have to tell you what a dream the Dyson vacuum cleaner is. Anyone whose ever used one to clean their house will likely tell you they that they never want to use anything else.

Then the team at Dyson came out with a brand new product that was basically a GAME CHANGER – their very own brand of hair dryer. If you haven’t got your hands on one of these yet then trust us you’re missing out!

And now Dyson is taking their technology to another product and so we think you can understand why we’re super duper excited about this.

Introducing the Dyson Corrale hair straightener! It uses brand new technology, creates less damage on your hair and the best part, it’s cordless!

After seven years in development Dyson have unveiled their latest hair product, which is the first and only straightener with flexing plate technology, which is what creates an effortless style with less heat damage.

It’s also said to deliver the same thermal performance of a ordered straightener using Dyson’s expertise in battery technology.


The Dyson Corrale straightener is set to go on sale on April 24th 2020 and it will set you back $699, but we literally will be saving up our pennies up until then so we can get our hands on one.

Otherwise, who wants to get us one of these for our birthday? Anyone..?

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