Guide Dogs NSW/ACT are asking for a favour from Aussies, requesting Foster parents for their adorable puppies! But it has us wondering whether it’s them doing us the favour! 

These puppies will be no ordinary dogs, they are in training to be little superheroes who will support blind and vision-impaired people across the country! (So, at the end of this experience, you can add ‘Superhero Trainer’ to your resume!)

To become a Puppy Raiser, ideally you will:

  • Live in the areas of Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle, South Coast, Southern Highlands or Canberra/Queanbeyan. This is to ensure your pup can attend regular training sessions with the Puppy Development Team.
  • Be home for most of the day: your pup must not be left alone for more than four hours at a time without supervision and human company.
  • Be available to walk your pup each day.
  • Allow your pup to sleep and spend time indoors.
  • Have a yard with dog-proof fencing unless you live in a flat or unit.
  • Have access to a car to transport your pup.
  • Be available to attend training sessions.

Should you meet all the above T&C’s you will be worthy of welcoming an adorable pooch into your home!

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT will provide dog food, preventative medications (fleas, worms and heartworm), collars, a leash, grooming equipment, and a food bowl. They also cover all veterinary costs.

You can find out all the information here.

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