You may have noticed news circulating about Kawasaki-like disease that is affecting children across the world.

The condition, which occurs in roughly one in 10,000 children, results in a high fever, swelling of the hands and feet, as well as a red rash on the skin, around the lips, throat or eyes.

Just recently, a British father shared a heartbreaking image of his five-year-old daughter fighting for life from Kawasaki disease just “weeks after beating coronavirus”.

He explained that Scarlett suffered from a mild bout of COVID-19, which she recovered from. Just six weeks later, she was rushed to intensive care, diagnosed with Kawasaki Inflammatory Response, and given a 20 per cent chance of survival.

Scarlett’s aunt also took to Twitter to share the heartbreaking image with the caption: “This is my 5 yrs old great niece. She was fit & healthy until a mild bout of Covid19 5wks ago from which she appeared to recover. She is now in ICU with a Kawasaki inflammatory response. She is off the ventilator but has developed heart problems.”


Nobody would wish this on their child so it’s understandable that a sense of fear has grown as a result, with questions around Kawasaki Disease becoming increasingly prevalent.

Jonesy & Amanda spoke to Dr. Andrew Rochford about the condition, and whether we should be concerned.

“This Kawasaki-like condition is extremely rare compared to other conditions a child can get,” Dr. Rochford told Jonesy & Amanda.

Parents will be relieved to hear that there are no cases in Australia, so don’t panic!

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