Oh…Merry Christmas! *nervous chuckle*

“Christmas day already? Bloody hell. That came quick! …

Your actual present is still in the post, but here’s one for in-between time…” – Michelle, 37.

In case you need reminding (although I’m sure you don’t…) Christmas is literally LESS than three weeks away!

And some new, albeit unsurprising statistics have been released by Deliveroo who commissioned new research into our ordering habits…

The research found that 64% of Australians openly admit they tend to leave their shopping to the last minute, with some leaving it as late as 10 days before Santa arrives (38%).

And the most disorganised bunch of Aussies? Well it was you! ~70% of likeminded and similarly aged individuals…


We can all rejoice knowing at least we’re not the only ones… SO without further ado, Merry Christmas – For that! *smug wink*

[Official Data: 25 – 34 year olds, with 73% admitting to leaving their shopping to the last minute, closely followed by 16 – 24 year olds (70%) and 34 – 44 year olds (69%).]

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