Many families rely on clothes lines to do their washing, but if the wet weather catches you off guard, all your garments could take a lot longer to dry or even be ruined.

However, one clever mum found a solution for people who don’t have a dryer at home and it won’t take a large chunk from your bank account.

Sarah took to the Mums Who Clean Facebook page to share how she covers her wet, hanging clothes with a shower curtain to protect them from the elements.

“To the mums who don’t have a dryer – this is a simple trick to help clothes dry on rainy days,” Sarah wrote along with the photo.

“I am using shower curtain. What I liked about shower curtain is that it’s very light and flexible to install.”

Her hack was described as a “game changer”, attracting hundreds of excited social media users.


“This is so much better than losing my entire dining room to clothes horses,” one said.

“That would also stop bird droppings on clothes as well! Love it!” another added.

“You’re a genius!” a third wrote.




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