A dad has been slammed on social media after making his child’s babysitter replace the AUD $2,700 guitar that his daughter smashed under her watch. 

In a Reddit post, he explained that the babysitter was forced to go outside to take an emergency call, leaving his three-year-old unattended for 20 minutes.

“In those 20 minutes, our daughter was able to move the couch to the living room gate, scale the gate, head into the basement, and pull one of my guitars off the wall,” he wrote.

“I’m asking the babysitter to front the bill on a new guitar, not a repair or neck replacement, as the alternatives diminish the value of the guitar.”

He added, “Her parents are telling us we’re responsible, she’s offering only to have babysat for free, our friends are saying we’re too harsh, but it was her responsibility, right?

“Am I the a**hole here? Or is she?”

Hear the full story and what Jonesy & Amanda + our listeners think:


One person responded: “Your valuables should be insured and locked up. Your baby gate should be secured. You are responsible for buying a couch that a literal baby can move (what kind of a couch is that??). You are responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training your employee. You are responsible for your minor child’s actions.”

A music shop manager also added to the conversation, saying: “I’d also like to point out that if the guitar’s neck was warped and not broken there’s almost no way it could have been done by the babysitter/child. Necks only warp for a few different reasons.

“Unless the child somehow made a truss rod adjustment(obviously not) it would have taken a very long time for that neck to warp (months to years). There’s no way it could have been done in 20 minutes. The poster likely has his instrument stored improperly and as a result caused his own neck to warp.”

So, whose responsibility is it?