An Aussie restaurant had a visit from the boys in blue this week after an illegal gathering was reported.

Turns out the gathering inside the Continental Cafe in New Farm, Queensland, was made up of mannequins.

“The officer stopped outside and had the lights on, I approached the car and was a bit hesitant… I assured him we weren’t doing anything wrong. They had a laugh and saw the funny side,” restaurant owner Beau Downs told 10 News.

He said he got the idea after the salon next door was getting rid of some mannequins.

Downs was going to taken them home for his young daughters to play with… buuuut…

“…nobody likes an empty restaurant,” he said.


While he really wants to have the real thing back in his restaurant, the mannequins have been a great talking point.

“The restaurant for myself and my family is more than food and takeaway. It’s about that social connection and connection with the community,” he said.

“So this was … to develop a bit of interest in the restaurant and it’s done that. It’s been great for us.”