Coles have sold out of the cheap, refurbished iPhones that were announced just six weeks ago.

The supermarket giant announced that they would be selling refurbished iPhone 7s with a $10 Boost Mobile SIM Card for just $259.

However, stock soon sold out across participating stores with the iPhones not being made available online.

The $259 iPhone is thought to have proven popular as a way of getting a capable smartphone in the hands of children, without the the cost of a new handset.

New iPhones can cost thousands of dollars with the most expensive version of the new iPhone 12 Pro retailing for over $2,300.

It is understood that a number of stores in NSW have received more of the refurbished iPhone 7s, which will be available this week for the non-sale price of $299.

If you can’t find the refurbished iPhones at Coles, you might still be able to get your hands on them at

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